Ilmainen toimitus yli 100€ tilauksiin

We’re excited to announce that the Austrian fitness giant Gigasport has joined our retailer network!

Our travel-sized foam roller, the M-Roll 35, is listed on the front page of their new fitness product offerings. They also offer our TROLLVEGGEN chin bar and the full-sized M-Roll 85.

Bernhard Meister, Purchaser for Gigasport, commented that “Gigasport is excited to offer FitWood products in our stores. They’re a solid new player in home fitness equipment, and we’re interested to see what they’re up to next. This company is definitely one to keep your eye on.”

Alongside their extensive online selection, Gigasport operates a number of locations across Austria. Its parent company, Kastner & Öhler, was founded in 1873, and Gigasport, the firm’s fitness and sporting goods retailer, has operated since 1994.

As a fledgling company we’re honored to work with a retailer with such a rich history and with those who are as dedicated to the fitness lifestyle as we are. This most recent success shows that there’s a real need for home fitness equipment that’s a cut above the rest in terms of quality, sustainability, and beauty.

We at FitWood hope you’ll join us as our story continues to unfold.