Ilmainen toimitus yli 100€ tilauksiin

FitWood has received an order from a Swiss company Shark Fitness AG that has operated 30 years in the field of fitness equipment retail. With a long tradition Shark Fitness is a well established retailer that has connections to quality concerned high end consumers.

“Swiss Shark Fitness has been one of the European retailers, that has been recommended to us. The negotiations took time, but we are very pleased to have a positive result on them. Switzerland has been interesting for us from the beginning, but we didn’t find the correct partner until now. To get started with Shark Fitness is naturally welcome news for us. Despite the small quantity of the first order, we see it as a great long term opening.” commented FitWood CEO Matias Kukkonen.

FitWood products in Shark Fitness AG selection you will find on their website.