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The Olympics 2016 are now over and we have the seen the phenomenal gymnasts perform. Gymnastics is a great activity for boys and girls, young and old. Perhaps your child has tried all the usual team sports. Or maybe you’re fed up of expensive after-school clubs and the logistics of getting there.

FitWood gym rings for kids are a fantastic piece of fitness equipment to incorporate into your child’s lifestyle. They are a natural and ecological product, made from durable Finnish birchwood – wood is great for grip as it absorbs moisture. They are safe to use, tactile, ergonomic and just the right size for children’s hands. Kids can start using the gym rings right from being a toddler through to their teens.

Today’s kids spend an average six and a half hours a day in front of a screen. But regular exercise is vital for their well-being. The recommendation is that they do at least 60 minutes of activity each day, including bone-building activities like jumping, vigorous activities such as sprinting and muscle-building activities including push-ups. This can be done in 10-minute bursts of activity. Gymnastics involves all these aspects of fitness and children are natural born gymnasts.

Gym Rings Kids are fun guaranteed!

With their stylish Scandinavian design, FitWood’s kids’ gym rings would look good in any playroom but could also be fitted in a garage, basement or on a frame outside – football goalposts, a tree or monkey bars. Kids love having fun and will love using them. Training with gym rings is an exciting and varied way to move. Check out the benefits and some playful exercise tips for your kids to try:

  • Stamina: Our kids are considered the most inactive generation in history. Gymnasts are well-known for their excellent strength-to-weight ratio and taking part in gymnastics can help build the foundations of muscle strength, stamina and endurance. Regular play with the gym rings strengthens the body and improves co-ordination. Kids naturally enjoy holding onto the rings and lifting their body from the floor. To them it’s just play, but it is effectively the starting point exercise of the rings – using your own bodyweight as resistance to keep fit.
  • Posture: Sports coaches often refer to f-shoulders where there is a curve from the upper back with the head sitting forward of the collarbone – triggered by too much time hunched over school desks, computer games or phones. Every inch that the head is forward of the shoulders adds 10 pounds to the perceived weight of the head, causing muscle tension in the neck and upper back. This posture can also affect digestion. Simply swinging from the gym rings helps your child give their body, and particularly their spine, a good stretch.
  • Self-esteem and positive body image: Older children and teenagers become much more body conscious as they reach puberty. Building exercise into their daily routine helps them develop a positive, healthy attitude to their growing bodies. Medical studies show that children who participate in gymnastics have better self-esteem. Older children and teenagers might like to use the rings in a more structured way, for example, they might try dips, pull-ups or chin ups to exercise their upper body.
  • Helps learning: Research shows that gymnastics has a cognitive benefit for young people. When kids participate in gymnastics, they are exercising not only their bodies but their brains too. Studies also show that regular sport has a positive effect on the brain and a good balance between study and exercise can help with learning especially during intense exam revision periods. Pupils can take a healthy homework break by doing some pull ups or fun back flips using the rings to boost concentration and help them remember what they have revised.
  • Creates happier kids: Just have fun playing – all that swinging, flipping, balancing upside down on the gym rings increases your child’s happy hormones. Physical activity helps release endorphins into the body giving a feeling of joy and happiness. And for most parents, watching the thrill on their kids’ faces as they twist, turn and tumble whilst swinging from the FitWood gym rings is probably the best reason of all to add them to your child’s play area.

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Gym Rings Kids are fun guaranteed!