PILVI play mat available

The new and stylish PILVI play mat is a beautifully designed mat with a wavy quilted pattern.

A child climbing LUOTO climbing arch. The child carries a teddy bear and wear brown clothing.

PILVI play mat

PILVI play mat is made out of 100% recycled fabric and designed to fit right into your home. A wavy quilted pattern and a high-quality finish make this play mat a must-have, and thanks to its recycled fabric, it’s also an environmentally responsible product to buy!

The sandy color of the play mat was decided to complement our other product colours, and this makes PILVI and other FitWood products inseparable.

About PILVI play mat

A lightly padded PILVI play mat is perfect for babies to practice important skills such as crawling, rolling, and sitting up. It provides a safe and comfortable place for playtime for toddlers as well.

With the versatile PILVI play mat, sharing precious bonding moments and developmental milestones is effortless, as it is easily portable and can be machine-washed.

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