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Exercise equipment from Finland designed to complement interior style

FitWood Oy is launching a range of fitness equipment that respects the design heritage of Scandinavia, complements the interior decor of homes, and has been designed and manufactured in Finland. With the abundance of cheaply produced fitness equipment available today, and a disregard to design and how it would blend with the interior decoration, with that in mind, we at FitWood started developing fitness products that are of  high-quality and also suitable as home decoration elements.

Durable, ecological and traditional materials

The fitness equipment currently available are, for the most part, made up of cheap imports manufactured from materials that do not represent sustainable development. FitWood’s products are made from durable materials and wood from Nordic trees that has been used as a raw material to a significant extent. Wood is a durable and versatile natural material, which throughout history been important to the Nordic countries. Scandinavian style is also reflected in FitWood’s products in that, they are durable and functional – or in other words, they are easy to use and functional.

Good looks promote use

FitWood brings traditional materials to strength-training equipment that can form part of your home’s interior decoration, meaning that the equipment is not hidden away somewhere in the wardrobe. With the equipment within reach at all times, the useage will be increased. This is important because studies show that regular strength training is beneficial for ages.


Fitness equipment can be purchased from the FitWood online store at the address The first orders will be ready and delivered before Christmas. Our fitness equipment will also be available from selected retailers by the end of 2015.
FitWood of Scandinavia is an industry pioneer and manufacturer of fitness equipment which respects the design traditions of the Nordic countries and complements interior decor. The equipment is durable and functional as well as agreeable with interior design and good looking.

This enterprise has been allocated funding from the EU Regional Development Fund by the ELY Centre

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