Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of our company and an essential part of FitWood's entire story. When FitWood was founded in 2015, the starting point was to create a company that, in addition to promoting well-being, would be a pioneer in combining an active lifestyle with sustainability and design. For us, sustainability is a guiding value that shapes all our actions, reflected in the continuous critical review and development of our internal processes, as well as the careful selection of our partners. In our products, we consider sustainability not only in the choice of materials, manufacturing processes and packaging, but also in the overall life cycle assessment.

The idea that started with beautiful wooden home fitness equipment has evolved over the years into promoting an active lifestyle and overall well-being for the whole family. With this development, multifunctionality has also become a more central aspect in our collection, as it is one way through which we aim to elongate the lifecycle of our products. Furniture that offers multiple functions can save space in small homes and, especially in the case of children's fast development, it can give a product many more years of use. We also do our best to provide spare parts for our products to extend their lifespan as much as possible.

We aim to keep our production chain as close as possible to minimize unnecessary climate burden, which is why we have concentrated the sourcing of our raw materials and the manufacturing of our products in Finland and Europe. It is essential to us that the materials we use are durable and environmentally friendly, and always meet our high safety and quality standards. In textiles, we use recycled materials whenever possible, always taking into consideration the purpose of the product and its required durability. Moreover, we strive to choose the most ecological options for our packaging, and in recent years, we have succeeded in minimizing the use of plastic, with over 95% of our packaging materials being biodegradable.

While a more sustainable production often means higher prices, we want to believe, that the path we have chosen will carry us, because we feel it is the only way we can contribute to building a future that we can stand behind. As the world around us is constantly changing and sustainability is closely connected to it, we must also continuously review and improve our own actions. For us, sustainability is above all a continuous process of development and learning, in which we can never be finished.