Ilmainen toimitus yli 100€ tilauksiin

Entrepreneurs are often interesting people. The founder and entrepreneur of PopUpMedia, Iida Repo is not an exception. Iida runs an advertising agency, which includes about half a dozen-person team. This entrepreneur-artist lives every day with passion and invests in her own well-being as for the well-being of her staff.

“It is often necessary to think about what I should give to employees and our customers as a gift. Giving gifts can easily become little stressful and sometimes these considerations are made in the last days. I will gladly give something to eat or drink, but there is nothing left to remain except something extra around the belly button…” Iida grinned.
Last Christmas Iida decided to give her staff stretching bars. In addition to the staff’s gifts, they are also been held at the office. “We’re exercising with stretching bar at work, and we’re having small talk about each of our workout routines and goals at the same time. It has clearly encouraged the use of a stretching bar at home and encouraged to exercise more actively. Community affiliation is, in my opinion, also a major support. “Iida says.

“I have fallen in love with FitWood’s products. They are functionally excellent, but I really appreciate the fact that they are also stylish. We have the wall bars, the stretching bar, and the massage roller and they are in the central place in our office. We have a lot of guests in both work and leisure and we do not have to be ashamed of these products all around our office. Actually, we are happy to introduce them. In my own experience, I have to say that the availability of attractive fitness equipment encourages to use them. Moreover, it is a valuable thing to me that the equipment is manufactured in Finland and they reflect ecological values. ”

From the FitWood products especially the stretching bar and the massage roller, are ideally suited to the staff’s gifts. Companies that have a lot of staff should also inquire about an offer concerning Trollveggen chin-up bar. Trollveggen has got media coverage for example in Finnish Elixir TV program and German Cosmopolitan (1/2017) due to its design and functionality. “By giving gifts I want to reflect my values to my staff and customers. That is why I think FitWood was a perfect choice” Iida says.

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